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Andrew Wilkinson

Hello - About Us

Sunrise Villas is our brand name for the holiday accommodation, when not in use personally, we offer to private rental guests. Our holiday home is co-owned within the family. We first fell in love on a holiday or 'vacation' to Florida in 1996 and subsequently purchased a villa there in January 1997 from Bovis Homes, plot #3 Ridgewood Lake as it was known then. We spent an exciting 6-month watching the home complete its build to our specification and then arranged for installation of a swimming pool, decoration and furnishings. We try and visit annually with friends or family, and enjoy the stay just as much as the first visit. As Florida is well known as the 'sunshine state' we chose the name Sunrise Villas to advertise our home. After the success of Florida, our next venture was somewhere not quite as far away from the UK. From various holidays across the Mediterranean we found a perfect combination on offer in Cyprus, Paphos. A beautiful sunny Greek island with great culture, food and hot sunny days. After viewings with several large builders we selected a builder whose previous builds stood-out from the rest. Sirena Sunrise 4 was purchased off-plan in 2002. And, by pure genius the complex was named by the builder as 'Sirena Sunrise', which was a perfect marriage to our existing brand Sunrise Villas, incorporating Florida and Cyprus.